Light Ragaz

The world's largest natural canvas
18 May – 21 October 2023
Light Ragaz AG
Taminaschlucht Bad Ragaz
Projektil AG, Kollektiv Packungsbeilage

Technical planning and realisation, scenography

Using the latest technology, images, colours and 3D effects are projected onto the rock faces of the Tamina Gorge near Bad Ragaz, which are up to 80 metres high. Since 2017, Light Ragaz has been delighting up to 30,000 visitors a year with the largest natural canvas in the world.

Okula is responsible for the technical planning and realisation as well as the scenography. The changing content of the show leads to new challenges every year. The decisive factor is to ensure reliable operation with reduced staffing levels for a total of six months – in a highly demanding environment exposed to the nature.