Light Ragaz

The largest projection screen in the world
since 2019
Light Ragaz AG
Bad Ragaz St.Gallen

Since 2017, a breathtaking spectacle of light and moving images has been staged in the Tamina Gorge. At a height of 80 meters, this spectacular multimedia production transforms the Tamina Gorge into the largest natural projection screen in the world. Using state-of-the-art projection technology, visitors are immersed in the mystical world of spring water and the impressive power of the element of water. Translated with (free version)
During this nocturnal transformation of the approximately 1 km long tour, visitors are enchanted by fascinating light experiences, playful interactions and a heart-warming story about Tamina’s journey to happiness. The light spectacle transports the audience into a magical atmosphere and offers an unforgettable experience for all the senses.

Okula is responsible for the entire planning and its constructive implementation. The time required amounts to several hundred hours every year. There are two different planning areas, one scenographic and one technical.
The scenographic design is based on the organizer’s annually changing specifications and the technical implementation follows the high requirements for stable, continuous operation. Once the theme has been announced, concept developers, designers, decorators, designers and a large number of craftsmen work on turning the ideas into reality.

The basic technical installations are adapted to current requirements every year. Media server operators, technicians and programmers are involved in the planning of new components and installation extensions. Where necessary, networks are expanded to ensure and monitor functionality during ongoing operations. The media servers are prepared for the entire show and programmed by experienced operators.

The individual show points of the Tamina tour are lovingly designed by Okula’s team of decorators and carpenters. The rocky surfaces, soapy from the stone powder, are always a particular challenge to assemble.
As Okula’s creativity is not only required in the design, but also in the actual implementation, an appropriate solution is always found. After a construction period of around 5 weeks, the Light Ragaz is ready for continuous seasonal operation for 5-6 months.