Rendez-vous Bundesplatz

An audiovisual spectacle
October 21 to November 26, 2022
Starlight Events GmbH
Bundesplatz Bern
Lumine Projections

Overall planning incl. concept and structure

Colorful, inspiring, creative: every year, the Rendez-vous Bundesplatz enchants with its impressive audio-visual spectacle.
Last year, the 12th Rendez-vous Bundesplatz with the theme “POINT NEMO” thrilled around 449,000 visitors. The breathtaking show presented a fascinating seahorse ballet, an impressive angler fish and a fiery red giant octopus that held the Bundeshaus in its tentacles. Thanks to the impressive underwater scenes with luminous effects, the event was a real spectacle.
OKULA has been responsible for the technical implementation and 3D mapping of the show since 2022.

The show has been an integral part of the Swiss cultural landscape since 2011 and is one of the most renowned projects of its kind in Europe. We have been proud partners of Starlight Events since 2022 and have the privilege of making this wonderful event a reality.

For the event, 3 articulated lorries are delivered with material each time to ensure the technical equipment is available. The projection towers are positioned precisely between the alleyways and façades to create a perfect interplay of the video mapping show