An immersive photo exhibition
May 31, 2023 - September 24, 2023
Maag Music & Arts AG
Lichthalle MAAG Zürich

Projector and media server acquisition consulting, technical planning and implementation, scenography, structural planning, production and installation.

Sebastião Salgado, the renowned photographer from Brazil, presents a tribute to the world’s largest rainforest and its indigenous population in his impressive exhibition “Amazônia”.
The exhibition has already attracted over a million visitors worldwide. With over 200 captivating photographs, Salgado transports the viewer into the midst of breathtaking vegetation. The images convey the sublime beauty of the vast plains and mighty mountain ranges of the Amazon region. They give us a sense of the sound of the rain, waterfalls and rivers and document the life and struggle for survival of people and animals in this unique environment.

Okula was not only responsible for the overall project management, but also the event management for the “Amazônia” exhibition by Sebastião Salgado. This meant that we were responsible for the organization on site and ensured that everything ran smoothly.

Okula took care of the technical and structural implementation in the MAAG light hall in Zurich. Our expertise in dramaturgical design helped the exhibition to unfold its full effect. Thanks to our comprehensive services from a single source, the success of the exhibition was guaranteed.